Rats & Mice make themselves comfortable in human surroundings, finding food & shelter in our homes & offices. They breed rapidly & contaminate food, damage clothes and other materials. They spread diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, murine typhus & rat bite fever.

The different types of Rodents that may infest our premises are:

  • The House Mouse – They are the smallest of the rodents found in homes. They may be brown or grey in colour and can make nests in sofas, upholstery, old furniture, insulation, etc.
  • The Roof Rat – They are slightly larger than the house mouse, and may be dark brown to black in colour. They prefer higher areas such as our false ceiling and rafters where they make their nests. They are very shy by nature and shy away from new or unknown objects.
  • Indian Bandicoot Rat – This is the largest of the Indian Rats. They are found near garbage bins and collection areas. They live in burrows and often in excavated footpath tiles & concrete. They are dangerous and spread serious diseases.

HI offers the Total Rodent Management Solution package especially for Housing Societies, Common areas & compounds. We use the latest technology and techniques to bait & capture the rodents and maintain continuous monitoring & control. For Indoor areas, we use Trubble gum Rodent glue traps.