Mosquitoes breed in areas where stagnant water bodies exist: pools and puddles formed by rainwater, open overhead tanks, septic tanks, gutters, swamps, and so on. In these environments, mosquitoes go through their entire life cycle, from egg to lava to pupa and finally, adult mosquito. In the Mosquito Life cycle, the stages Egg & Pupa are dormant and non-feeding. Hence no control measures are effective at this stage. Controlling mosquito larva would help controlling the birth of new mosquitoes but it would not address the root cause of new eggs and new larva. And it is challenging to treat every stagnant water body with larvicides. That’s the reason controlling Adult Mosquitoes through scientific use of Fogging Techniques makes a wise choice. Fogging operations destroy all adult mosquitoes which have the capacity to multiply and regenerate. Fogging operations can get this job done in a fast but effective manner.